Policy / Core values


Our business is all based in “food”.

We have 4 main themes, which are “Development” “Transmission” “Festivals” “Sales”.
Sky Store (supermarket which we run) is not just a supermarket. It is a place to create networks through food.
We are trying to make a network of people through food culture by connecting the producer, consumer and food processing sectors in a variety of ways.

Today, our network of farm producers has increased to 230, from 25 in 2010.
We also produce an event of “Cooking with Iwaki food –presented by a celebrated chef”. The chefs make beautiful dishes using ingredients made in Iwaki to know and spread as much about the beauty of homeland ingredients around.

Iwaki Shokusaikan Co., Ltd. About us

“Development” Connect through food

◎Develop original products
◎Develop original products
◎Coordinate farm producer, processor and merchant network


“Transmission” Spread the culture of food all over Japan and the world

◎Transmit quality and provenance of regional food, create marketing network
◎Set up a stall at each event
◎Design logo, package, flier and website


“Festivals” Enjoy food

◎Organizing food festivals, markets and events for promoting food culture and regional food
◎Request local companies and community groups for cooperation
◎Bring chefs and famous local food from across the country


“Sales” Selling food products

◎Sales and delivery of regional goods
◎Store retailing and operating internet shopping site
◎Trial sales of new merchandise and developed products