■Multi-brand food store opened in Iwaki-city, Fukushima.

Multi-brand food store


■Open an event of “Cooking with Iwaki food –presented by a celebrated chef”

Invited Yoshimi Hidaka(Italian Chef), Hiromitsu Nozaki(Japanese Chef) and Josep Barahona Vinese(Spanish Chef).
Yoshimi Hidaka


■Open an event of “Cooking with Iwaki food –presented by a celebrated chef”

Invited Masao Suzuki(Fusion food Chef), Kazuhisa Tashiro(French Chef), Yoshihiro Murata(Japanese Chef), Lee Eirin(Korean Chef), Toru Totoki(French Chef) and Tsuyoshi Kogure(Olive sommelier).
Tsuyoshi Kogure


■Developed and started sales of “Iwaki Karintou (Japanese traditional fried dough cookies)” by using regional goodies such as strawberry, green onion and brown rice made in Iwaki.

Iwaki Karintou

Iwaki Karintou

■Open an event of “Cooking with Iwaki food –presented by a celebrated chef”

Invited Miyuki Igarashi(Chinese Chef), Kojirou Kashiwada(Japanese Chef), Yoshio Suzuki(French Pastry Chef), Kamose Fushiki (Brewage Chef), Toshiyuki Kudou(French Chef) and Yoshimi Hidaka(Italian Chef).
Toshiyuki Kudou

■Developed and started sales of “Olive Pasta” made by Iwaki made Olive.

Olive Pasta

■Developed and started sales of “Bonito Jerky” which goes great with Japanese Sake.

Bonito Jerky

Bonito Jerky

■Redesigned whole concept, bottle design and label of “Izumi(Flavored liquid made by Japanese rice)”.
The design changed to look high-class and started to receive attention as a luxury gift.


■Developed Konjac jerry flavored of pears and held a tasting event in agricultural cooperative.

■Developed souvenirs “Iwaki Shipou(Seven treasures) Manju (Japanese sweet steamed bread)” .
It is composed of seven different Japanese traditional cake made by seven different Japanese pastry chef.

Iwaki Shipou Manju

■Developed “Mego Garlic(Garlic germinated from garlic scale which is mineral-rich and less smelly) “ and supported to open up a new market. Planned “Mego Garlic Miso” as well.

Mego Garlic

■Developed “Figgy Kintsuba(confection of sweetened beans wrapped in wheat-flour dough)” with Kashoan(Japanese confectionery store in Iwaki).

Figgy Kintsuba


■Developed and stat selling original “Iwaki Sauce” made by pear, tomato and fish sauce (made in Iwaki Kaisei High school).

■Developed “Olive-smoke Marlin” for sandwich material.

Olive-smoke Marlin

Olive-smoke Marlin

■Developed Vegetable soup made by Iwaki made vegetable which doesn’t include 27 different allergens.
Today, this soup is used in Furutakiya(Japanese famous Ryokan in Iwaki) for everyday breakfast.